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Zhongshan eps emergency power supply which brand is trustworthy?

Author:应急电源厂家   Time:2016/7/22 16:11:08

Zhongshan eps emergency power supply which brand is trustworthy? Founded in 2010, zhongshan guzhen town house lighting electrical appliance factory, is committed to the development and production of high quality of fire emergency lamps and lanterns, the company has abundant professional experience in production of fire emergency lamps and lanterns, the registered trademark "prosperous time house", "prosperous time electrician.

Company’s existing 10000 square meters of modern production plant, configuration of advanced production lines, and introduce the latest photoelectric tester, optical tester, digital electric parameters integrated tester, computer online battery tester, automatic placement machine, automatic wave soldering, and a series of high precision production and testing equipment, to ensure that the product technology content.

The company by the ministry of public security fire product certification assessment center management certification. Obtain CE, CCCF, quality license of export certification. Products strictly in accordance with GB17945-2010 standard production, more than 5 million sets of annual production size.

Over the years the company to "science and technology leading the future navigation." for the purpose, attaches great importance to the excavation and training of talents, strict training of staff appraisal, continuously improve the overall quality of staff, prosperous time house lighting constantly develop new products, make the enterprise onto the road of sustainable development.


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