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LED emergency power battery installation need to pay attention to several aspects of the problem?

Author:LED应急电源厂家   Time:2016/7/22 15:53:04

EPS Emergency Power battery installation: EPS (Emergency Power System) is a kind of Emergency Power supply device allows short-term Power interruption, mainly aimed at the city the high-level architecture of Emergency lighting, fire control facilities and special important load, especially in solving the lighting electricity or only have a lack of the first two electric Power supply, instead of generating unit constitute the second Power supply or need the third Power in the occasions when using, can get very good result.

EPS power supply device in power supply network normal power supply, the emergency power supply system is in "sleep" state of floating charge, only under a state of emergency for the load power supply, LED emergency power battery installation should pay attention to what issues? Only correct installation LED emergency power battery, and in the process of using regular maintenance, once every 3 to 4 months to charge and discharge, the battery can last longer.

LED emergency power battery should be paid attention to the following issues:

1. EPSLED emergency power battery shall be installed at the scene.

2. Before the installation of the battery should be put the EPS emergency power supply cabinet (or battery cabinet) ground wire connection is good.

3. The battery before installation should be planned to connect the battery in different layer connection to and fore and aft position point, note the polarity of the battery pack with EPS dc bus port absolutely can’t meet the, avoid short circuit.

4. To repeat grounding neutral line at the load end part, can inhibit the neutral point potential drift, but should pay attention to: the neutral ground with PE ground repeat grounding share a pick up.

5. The power load and isolation transformer, and the neutral grounding after isolation.

6. Block: room shielding, shielding equipment, cable shielding is weaken basic measures of various kinds of electromagnetic interference. A variety of shielding must be grounded.

7. Lower ground resistance, common ground the voltage drop will decreases.

Battery is installed correctly EPSLED service life of the emergency power supply, so when install batteries for EPSLED emergency power should follow installation considerations and steps.